Month: January 2016

Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt

Simon Morgan is a GP and medical educator from Newcastle, NSW, Australia. He spends his spare time writing and playing the ukulele. Can I take a photo? Recently, I was in Heathrow Airport when an anonymous traveller approached me and asked ‘Do you mind if I take a photo of your t-shirt?’ I replied ‘Which one?’, thinking of my collection of much-loved, short-sleeved casual cotton tops back in Australia (Tin Tin in Vietnam is a particular favourite). Looking somewhat nonplussed, she replied ‘Sorry, I meant the one you’re wearing’. I was clad in a black t-shirt with the words ‘I AM UNCONSCIOUSLY INCOMPETENT’ on the front. (I had deliberately worn it for the long-haul flight from Sydney to London so that I wouldn’t be mistaken for the pilot at any point. It appeared to work.) I said ‘Sure, but do you mind if I leave it on?’ I think at that point she regretted initiating contact. Small world Actually, that story isn’t entirely true. A woman did ask to take a photo of my t-shirt in Heathrow, and it was that t-shirt, but the rest of the dialogue was fabricated. That said, the real story was pretty noteworthy in its own right. After I actually responded in a far less cryptic manner than described above, the woman explained ‘It’s just that I use that expression in my student teaching...

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Top 10 most read BJGP research articles published in 2015

These are the top 10 most read research articles based on full text downloads from 1. Child obesity cut-offs as derived from parental perceptions: cross-sectional questionnaire. Parental perceptions and clinical definitions of child obesity are known to diverge; however, the extent of the discrepancy has not been documented. This study characterises parental classifications of obesity and identifies sociodemographic characteristics that predict misclassification. Also, BMI centile cut-offs for weight status are established as derived from parental perceptions. 2. Does mindfulness improve outcomes in patients with chronic pain? Systematic review and meta-analysis. This current review looks at management of non-malignant chronic pain as a whole, includes only randomised controlled trials, and uniquely focuses on humanistic outcomes such as pain acceptance and perceived pain control. These are of particular relevance with this self-help technique, as well as clinical and economic outcomes. 3. Help seeking for cancer ‘alarm’ symptoms: a qualitative interview study of primary care patients in the UK. The Model of Pathways to Treatment highlights the importance of understanding patient appraisal and decision-to-consult processes for improving earlier diagnosis. Little is known about how people make decisions about visiting their GP for potential cancer symptoms in everyday life, without a researcher-imposed cancer perspective. This is the first qualitative, community-based study to assess how people respond to cancer ‘alarm’ symptoms outside of the cancer context. The results not only highlighted...

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GP Journal Club – Sunday 28th February 2016 at 20:00 GMT

The next GP Journal Club will be discussing the PLOS Medicine article: Bariatric Surgery in the United Kingdom: A Cohort Study of Weight Loss and Clinical Outcomes in Routine Clinical Care by Douglas et al. You can download it here. The next #gpjc live chat will be on Sun 28th Feb at 20:00GMT. This is the paper for discussion: @euan_lawson — GPjournalclub (@GPjournalclub) January 25,...

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Yonder: Health checks, insomnia, nursing homes and spirituality

Ahmed Rashid is an academic clinical fellow in general practice at the University of Cambridge. He writes the regular monthly column “Yonder” in the BJGP: a diverse selection of primary care relevant research stories from beyond the mainstream biomedical literature. Twitter: @Dr_A_Rashid You can download the PDF here at Health checks The NHS Health Check programme has divided opinion ever since it was first launched in 2008. The idea of proactively checking and managing an individual’s vascular risk may seem sensible but the evidence about the effectiveness of this approach has been lacking and has led to much...

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GP Journal Club – January 2016

The first GP Journal Club is now on Storify. The paper discussed was Promoting physical activity in older people in general practice: ProAct65+ cluster randomised controlled trial by Illiffe et al and it can be downloaded here at The next GP Journal Club will be in February – you can follow @GPjournalclub to find out more. Click here for the GP Journal club blogposts. [<a href=”//″ target=”_blank”>View the story “GP Journal Club – January 2016” on...

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