Month: December 2017

Destination GP: How to help medical students become GPs

Written by Fisher D, Bull C, Blackadder-Weinstein J, Nicholls G, Hawthorne K. Becoming a GP should be a highly sought-after medical speciality destination. As a career, general practice can be both flexible and diverse – with new models of care developing both in multi-disciplinary teams and ‘at scale’, opportunities in research, teaching, portfolio working and clinical extended roles. Expert generalist skills are based on holistic assessments of often undifferentiated and complex presentations, making diagnosis, management and co-production with patients intellectually challenging. So why are many medical students and newly qualified doctors being put-off choosing it as their speciality? Why...

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Why I am still fighting for general practice

General practice can sometimes feel like a battleground… it certainly has a fight on its hands but it is a fight that is worth fighting.     Peter Aird is a GP in Bridgwater, Somerset. GP practices are closing at an alarming rate with more and more GPs abandoning the profession as workload rises exponentially and recruitment continues to struggle to keep up with the number of doctor leaving. Reflecting on the assertion, given some support at the 2017 RCGP conference by the chair Dr Helen Stokes-Lampard, that the causes of ill health are largely social, Dr Phil Hammond...

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The Bravest Decision

Chloe Webster is a 4th year medical student, a yogaholic, creative writing enthusiast, and an aspiring future GP. I was just absentmindedly skimming through some patient notes, pushing paperwork for a research study, and there it was. In black and white – an advanced directive. My mind just stopped. I re-read the words as if my eyes were playing tricks on me, but the words still remained. An often unspoken part of the world of medicine. The end of life. I was shocked, to say the least, to see this documented in the notes of a young and well...

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