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Why do you want to be a GP? The one question we don’t ask

The first question to practise before a job interview; the one we all know will make an appearance…right?
Well, not if you’ve chosen to pursue a career in general practice. Whilst my colleagues were preparing evidence of their accomplishments and practising expected questions, I was revising for the entrance exam and practising OSCE based scenarios. So why is the entry to GP training so different, and what does that mean for the specialty?

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Is it time we reflect on the true value of reflection?

It is a Sunday evening. I look across at my GP ST1 wife and see her feverishly tapping the keyboard. I enquire what she is doing. “I have to do a couple of reflections, I’ve only done one this week.” Reflection has become a major part of trainees and GPs’ lives alike. Most follow tried and tested models such as Gibbs1, to look back on an experience, challenge one’s own performance or thinking and see if this has led to learn new things or perhaps shape the way one behaves in the future. Sometimes, it may involve a patient whom has made...

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Hearing crackles: reflections on PACES and prejudice

Rachel Brettell is an Academic Clinical Fellow GP Trainee in the Oxford Deanery. As a GP registrar, the MRCGP Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) exam is currently at the forefront of my mind. VTS teaching focuses on how to pass, evenings are spent revising, and my bank account, now £1700 lighter, still makes me shudder. And yet, perhaps naively, it was still a shock to me to find out that at no point in the CSA exam am I expected to accurately detect real clinical signs. Of course, the CSA assesses many other important skills, including problem solving skills, person-centred care...

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Trainee notes: Life school

Aisha Yahaya is a GP ST2 with Imperial VTS who has an interest in effective communication with patients, writing and a yearly resolution to save her guitar from the dusty corner in which it sits. Increasingly, I learn more about the way of the world by looking through the eyes of my patients.  As I reflect on my time spent in a large urban GP surgery, I share my feelings and what I learnt from the patient narrative. Bravery, active listening and understanding. Very often, a patient will come with a problem that has troubled them for a while and their...

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