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Genuine patient participation: implementing change in Islington

Phil Wrigley is a Commissioning Manager in Islington where he has worked for over 12 years; he currently leads on LTCs and Self Care – prior to 2004 he was a professional actor for 25 years. There is a scenario frequently used by visual comedians which opens with an elderly, infirm lady standing at a busy crossroads looking a little glum as she watches the traffic whizz past. Our hero, (Benny Hill, Norman Wisdom, et al), assuming that she is trying unsuccessfully to negotiate her way to the other side, takes her by the arm and merrily frogmarches her...

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Have a little faith: trainee view of audit and paint-by-numbers medicine

Thuvaraka Ware is a GP Registrar working in Camden. She tutors medical students at UCL in community medicine and believes primary care research will shape clinical and public health policy over the coming years. The audit process is an important part of clinical governance to ensure standardised, high quality care.  It is encouraged by medical schools and a necessity of training programmes.  But for our generation of paint-by-numbers medicine and algorithm based practice, clinical audit has become another hoop to jump through for the eportfolio.  I recently completed an audit looking at the prescription of statins in patients with...

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