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Brexit and the decimation of the NHS

Peter Burke is currently a portfolio GP in Oxford. A potted bio with declaration of interests is available at the end of the article. The Romans had a word, decimation. Decimation meant that if a Legion rebelled, one in ten soldiers, regardless of guilt or innocence, would be taken out at random and put to the sword. I am a GP and by chance one in ten of my medical colleagues in the NHS are nationals of other EU countries. Hold that thought, I will come back to it. Let me now tell you a story of Eva, not...

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Reflections on Moria: a shameful humanitarian crisis

Philippa Jeacocke is a GP trainee in Sheffield currently taking a year Out of Programme Experience (OOPE) between ST2 and ST3 to further explore her interest in refugee health and palliative care. In August 2018 I spent a month working as a volunteer doctor with MedGlobal in Moria camp on Lesvos. MedGlobal is working to support the existing Greek governmental clinic in Moria known as “Keelpno” by providing an extra doctor. As such, during my shifts I worked alongside the Greek Keelpno medical team as well as volunteers from Kitrionos (another medical NGO supporting the clinic) and refugees from...

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Pain, opioids, and syringe drivers: a practical guide

Pain, Opioids and Syringe Drivers: A Practical Guide for the GP in the Wake of Gosport This article is written by Daniel Knights, Felicity Knights and Stephen Barclay and is published as a companion piece to their editorial in the October 2018 issue of the BJGP. The publication of the Jones Report investigating the excess mortality at Gosport Memorial Hospital is one in a series of end-of-life care issues that have hit the UK news. The underlying system failures are unfortunately far from new to the NHS; with the report echoing inter alia, the Kennedy Report and the Berwick Report, highlighting the need for...

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A coffee-break conversation about part-time working

Luke Allen is a GP academic clinical fellow at Oxford University. A coffee-break conversation about flexible part-time working and relational continuity Sam (early-mid career GP): Hey, can I grab you for a minute to talk about my hours? Charlie (senior GP partner): Of course, in fact I was hoping to discuss something with you too – about trying to ensure that our patients see the same professional at each visit. Sam: Right, that ‘relational continuity’ seems to be a hot topic right now doesn’t it. And I totally get it too. Seeing the same patient each time helps as...

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Poems for Doctors: a video

  Written by Lesley Morrison. This year, for the fourth year, all Scottish medical graduates were gifted Tools of the Trade, the little pocket sized book of poetry published by the Scottish Poetry Library and intended to provide support for new doctors as they embark on their very demanding new professional lives, and to encourage their creativity. In collaboration with the Scottish Poetry Library, the School of Medicine at the University of St Andrews University Medical School has produced lovely video recordings of some of the poems and the latest was released on 5th July as a 70th birthday present for the...

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