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The Needle in the Haystack

Specialty bashing is not new or uncommon in the NHS. It is particularly directed at those training in general practice and has been a known problem for many generations. Despite a call for change, undermining of this specialty continues to haunt the corridors of our secondary care hospitals; and enough is enough.

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When Sparks Fly: Choosing General Practice

Chloe Webster is a 4th year medical student, a yogaholic, creative writing enthusiast, and an aspiring future GP. He was so different from the rest. Often, the only patients I remember clearly in my mind are unfortunately those who make me sad or angry. I am writing this as almost some sort of memoir to my future self so that I don’t forget such a lovely man. A simple 15-minute routine consultation changed more than just the outlook of my day, it changed me. I can still picture his tan brown boat shoes, woolly jumper and wire-rimmed glasses framing...

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BJGP Long Read: People or Procedures?

Recent advances in genetic mapping herald some dramatically positive developments in hi tech healthcare. Yet this is paralleled by unprecedented ailing demoralisation and alienation within the service that will deliver these. How do we explain this discrepancy? What can we expect?

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A GP volunteer experience in Nepal with Raleigh International

Karan Ghatora is a GP with interests in pre-hospital and aerospace medicine. Rachna Patel is a GP interested in new experiences, constant learning and development. Namaste! We were GPs looking to provide medical support for a worthwhile cause, whilst furthering our personal and professional development. Enter Raleigh International. Raleigh is a non-government organisation which specialises in placing young volunteers abroad for sustainable development. The ICS (International Citizen Service) introduced in 2012 selects volunteers aged between 17- 23 to attend pre-deployment training in their own and host country, before departing on three-month projects. Currently Raleigh runs expedition projects in Nepal,...

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