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Reflections on Moria: a shameful humanitarian crisis

Philippa Jeacocke is a GP trainee in Sheffield currently taking a year Out of Programme Experience (OOPE) between ST2 and ST3 to further explore her interest in refugee health and palliative care. In August 2018 I spent a month working as a volunteer doctor with MedGlobal in Moria camp on Lesvos. MedGlobal is working to support the existing Greek governmental clinic in Moria known as “Keelpno” by providing an extra doctor. As such, during my shifts I worked alongside the Greek Keelpno medical team as well as volunteers from Kitrionos (another medical NGO supporting the clinic) and refugees from...

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Incorporating global health into your primary care life

The authors are current and former members of the RCGP Junior International Committee; Sonia Tsukagoshi (chair) Katrina Whalley (former National Exchange Coordinator, NEC) and Bernadeta Bridgwood (current NEC). Global health is an important area of primary care which is infiltrating general practice across the UK. As GPs, we see a cross-section of our population and gain an understanding the wider world from our consultation room. The RCGP Junior International Committee (RCGP JIC) is a group of 16 volunteer early years GPs with an enthusiasm for international primary care. We believe that experiencing healthcare systems abroad improves understanding of patient beliefs, cultures...

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Delphi and the current path of Western culture

I have just come back from the centre of the world. Not the centre of the earth of course. No, in ancient times the centre of the world was reckoned to be Delphi. This claim was evidence based. If we do not articulate our values and construct a world where freedom, tolerance, fairness and human dignity win the day then the west has no moral high ground from which to lecture the rest of the world. The west has rested on its smug moral superiority for far too long.

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Gulf culture, social eating and health

Bahrain has sometimes been called a string of shopping malls calling itself a country. This is quite a blinkered view. Bahrain is in fact a string of shopping malls and restaurants calling itself a country. Does it matter if we don’t eat together anymore? There are various markers to suggest that it does, particularly for children. The OECD state that students who do not regularly eat with their parents are significantly more likely to truant from school, and this correlates with school performance. And according to the 2014 European Congress on Obesity, children who do not eat dinner with their parents at least twice a week were 40 percent more likely to be overweight.

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A GP volunteer experience in Nepal with Raleigh International

Karan Ghatora is a GP with interests in pre-hospital and aerospace medicine. Rachna Patel is a GP interested in new experiences, constant learning and development. Namaste! We were GPs looking to provide medical support for a worthwhile cause, whilst furthering our personal and professional development. Enter Raleigh International. Raleigh is a non-government organisation which specialises in placing young volunteers abroad for sustainable development. The ICS (International Citizen Service) introduced in 2012 selects volunteers aged between 17- 23 to attend pre-deployment training in their own and host country, before departing on three-month projects. Currently Raleigh runs expedition projects in Nepal,...

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