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Research priorities in primary care: ideas from the coal-face

Setting research priorities in primary care: a co-creation symposium to generate ideas from the coal-face Written by Victoria Tzortziou Brown, Clare Wilkinson, Kamal Mahtani, Geoff Wong, Azeem Majeed, Philip Evans, Thomas Round, and Roger Jones Background Although over 90% of patient contacts within the NHS occur in primary care, many of the interventions used in this setting frequently lack a sound, up-to-date, scientific basis.1Primary care research: The MRC’s proposals. G., Radda. 426: 872 British Journal of General Practice , 1998, Vol. 48. The applicability of research findings and relevant guidelines to front-line primary care practice is increasingly being questioned.2A...

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My story of everyday scholarship in general practice

Faraz Mughal is a GP in Birmingham and the RCGP Clinical Fellow in Children and Young People’s Mental Health. He is on Twitter: @farazhmughal Making scholarship part of my daily practice contributes to the intellectual challenge and enjoyment of my work in general practice. Self-harm affects 1 in 12 child or young people (CYP).1 Nearly 10% of 5-16 year-olds have a mental health illness which means in an average school class of 30 schoolchildren, three will suffer from a diagnosable mental health disorder. With increasing pressures facing young people in all aspects of their lives, the rates of mental illness...

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