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Casting down the pseudo-religion of clinical examination

The glass bounced off my back and smashed into the drinks gantry shattering a whisky bottle. All I remember is the glass, the blood and that terrible screaming. Glass fights are dangerous, especially as barman, and for $1.80 an hour I often wondered if it was worth it. But it had its compensations for it was the best practical module on communication skills I ever had and I have used my experiences everyday of my medical career. Teaching undergraduates for the last 10 years I have enjoyed regaling them with my ‘pub communication’ stories. I am convinced of the...

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The AA – what GPs can learn from the 4th emergency service

Jess Drinkwater is a GP in Bradford and NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Leeds. (Ed note: And she is a member of the BJGP Editorial Board.) I am the worst type of car owner. I have never cleaned my car (I wait for the complementary clean following MOT). I don’t understand how they work. I know from the road works signs that I should check my tyres, fuel, and oil regularly, but I don’t. I am a bad car owner. Instead I have AA membership. So when a red warning light flashes up on the dashboard, I am alarmed but don’t panic. After a quick call to the garage I am informed it is likely the “alternator” and I should stop somewhere safe. I have no idea what an alternator is, but red means bad, so I stop. Thirty minutes later the AA man arrives (Tim). Within two minutes Tim has also diagnosed my alternator is not working. But what happens next is amazing. Tim shows me where the alternator is, explains how it works, and how the engine makes electricity to charge the battery. With some gadgets he shows me how much electricity my car uses, and explains what will happen if I keep driving (abrupt halt in the middle of the road). He then outlines my options, the various risks, and the costs. All...

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