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The GP FY2 experience: Working with uncertainty

Nethmi Vithanage is a University of Edinburgh graduate from New Zealand, currently working as a FY2 in general practice and looking to get into a life of public health. Black Wednesday had arrived and along with it, a familiar feeling; like I was going to be the only doctor present at the scene of a simultaneous cardiac arrest, status epilepticus and anaphylaxis. Looking back, the probability of all three occurring at the same time seems low to the rational mind, and even lower considering I was starting a new job as a GP FY2. Chances are, I actually knew...

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Volunteering to be Different

Kirsty Wooff, having spent her foundation years in Glasgow, took an ‘FY3’ year to travel and volunteer in Malawi and Nepal. Travelling for eight months… A once in a lifetime opportunity. Eight months and nine countries. But what has it done for me? As a person? And as a doctor? I set off, with my fiancé, at the end of October 2016. My sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy a day before we left so goodbyes were particularly emotional and, as we boarded the bus to Heathrow, I did wonder – why are we doing this? We’re...

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BJGP Letter: A bleak future for future GPs in England

Guy Rughani is a Foundation Year 2 doctor working in North London. He wrote this short letter to the BJGP. Contribute to the BJGP at http://bjgp.org/letters. I want to be a GP, but the government is doing everything it can to stop me. Mr Hunt’s brilliant answer to the crisis in GP recruitment is to slash trainee pay by 30%, penalise doctors taking maternity leave or extra degrees and extend normal working hours.1 Morale amongst my peers about to apply for specialty training is catastrophically low. As a result, the majority of my friends are looking to move from the NHS and take a ‘Foundation Year 3: FY3’ because they perceive that their immediate future here is bleak.  At a time in our careers when we should be optimistic and enthusiastic, it’s tragic that the state of the English NHS is leaving us so disillusioned. Scotland has dismissed the new junior contract, making a move North ever more tempting. We need a strong positive message from senior doctors that there is a bright future in English General Practice, and a commitment from government that our incomes will be protected and our efforts valued. 1: BMA Junior and Consultant contract negotiations explained:...

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