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The Bravest Decision

Chloe Webster is a 4th year medical student, a yogaholic, creative writing enthusiast, and an aspiring future GP. I was just absentmindedly skimming through some patient notes, pushing paperwork for a research study, and there it was. In black and white – an advanced directive. My mind just stopped. I re-read the words as if my eyes were playing tricks on me, but the words still remained. An often unspoken part of the world of medicine. The end of life. I was shocked, to say the least, to see this documented in the notes of a young and well...

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Brexit and statins: a tale of scepticism

Christien Fortune is a final year medical student at The University of Manchester and has interests in cardiology and medical education. In the fabled land of post-June 23rd Britain and Northern Ireland, politics in the UK has been understandably dominated by the UK’s decision to exit the European Union. Vote Leave’s successful campaign, in part, utilised the public’s deep seated suspicion of the juggernaut that is the multinational political union of the European Union; one that in the eyes of the “Brexiteers” yielded little benefit despite its large cost to the UK. What was remarkable was the resonation of Leave’s message with...

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Casting down the pseudo-religion of clinical examination

The glass bounced off my back and smashed into the drinks gantry shattering a whisky bottle. All I remember is the glass, the blood and that terrible screaming. Glass fights are dangerous, especially as barman, and for $1.80 an hour I often wondered if it was worth it. But it had its compensations for it was the best practical module on communication skills I ever had and I have used my experiences everyday of my medical career. Teaching undergraduates for the last 10 years I have enjoyed regaling them with my ‘pub communication’ stories. I am convinced of the...

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Bristol and Exeter Student GP societies: working hard to promote general practice

Alice James is a 4th year medical student at Bristol University. She is passionate about promoting general practice to other students in her role as Chair of the University GP Society (Bristol GPSoc) and student representative for the Severn Faculty RCGP. Nilakshini is a 4th year medical student based in Exeter and is passionate about general practice. She believes it’s time to put the stigma associated with primary care behind us and start giving recognition for the challenging and exciting career that it really is. The Bristol and Exeter Student GP societies aim to inspire members to consider a...

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Going back to the start – influencing prospective medical students

James Pearson is an ST3 trainee in Bath and the education scholar for the year. Suddenly you are sitting there alongside all these very intelligent people and the familiar world of sixth form seems so far away. I still remember my first day at medical school when the year group were told in our welcoming lecture that the majority of us would become GPs. I distinctly remember my reaction and that of all my peers was one of surprise and shock! How could they suggest something as absurd as that? At that point, our exposure to medicine had mostly...

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