Month: May 2018

Life, Interrupted

Life was simple last summer. I was a happily busy wife and mother, enjoying work and keeping fit. I was in good shape, having lost a little weight, and felt great. Until one day when I developed a fever and myalgia. Looking back, the warning signs were there: fever, weight loss, fatigue. Symptoms I would have investigated immediately in any patient. So why not in myself? I have no doubt that my complicated, prolonged recovery period was a direct consequence of a late diagnosis.

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Why do you want to be a GP? The one question we don’t ask

The first question to practise before a job interview; the one we all know will make an appearance…right?
Well, not if you’ve chosen to pursue a career in general practice. Whilst my colleagues were preparing evidence of their accomplishments and practising expected questions, I was revising for the entrance exam and practising OSCE based scenarios. So why is the entry to GP training so different, and what does that mean for the specialty?

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