Thank you for your enlightening post, clearly when a commercial partner is involved there is business to be had and profit to be made and I agree that offering a service like this will generate unnecessary demand from the worried well who now have a convenient port of call which they might not have had previously. However, as they deregister with their practice and register with Babylon, don’t they fall under their jurisdiction in terms of follow up, investigations, onwards referrals and not their former practices responsibility? So they shouldn’t generate more work for existing practices should they? The other argument I’ve often heard from Babylon is that by taking on these ‘simpler’ patients it leaves GPs more time to tackle the more ‘complex’ ones, I can see this argument but where I feel it all falls down is in the way the current compensation model works. NHS GPs losing their ‘profitable’ patients and being left with their ‘non-profitable’ patients (for want of a better word) will bring the whole system down, won’t it?

Even if GPatHand/ Babylon health care weren’t ‘Cherry Picking,’ which they say they aren’t as their list of exclusions is guidance only, they don’t stop anyone from applying. But the population that would switch over to them would themselves be a self selecting bunch and would clearly favour the ‘profitable’ patient cohort rather than the ‘non-profitable’ cohort. Sounds to me like its the basic funding model that needs to change to make this all right.