This has been one of the best short reads describing what GP life has become and I can’t disagree with any of it. Strange thing is, like the Gp reply above, who moved to a small rural practice , and enjoying his last 5 years, I too have honestly rarely ever had a bad day in my 30 years as a GP partner now aged 58 Wales. Small personalised list 2750 (weighted list 3500) in a 2 person (1.5fte) so 4 day week. The single biggest reason I remain happy and peaceful in the midst of the plethora of issues you so eloquently describe is for me they all become so much milder/manageable/solvable when there is someone who armed with a life time knowledge of their small 1300-1500 patients characters, expectations and illnesses, finds decisions and tests ,mail and the whole lot becomes quicker easier, more thorough.Its not that I am not busy ,it’s just not always busy. It’s not that I am better as I am not. From what I see and hear in the profession generally, I can’t see a sustainable way forward for Primary care unless we rapidly move to personalised lists, yes in group partnerships supported by HCSW/Nurses/PA/admin . I mean where you are solely responsible for your own patients, not someone else’s,not strangers,not patients who try and manipulate new GPs. Yes seek 2nd opinions occasionally, Expect yes a day off each week where similar partner /colleagues cover any emergencies.No long waits to be seen . Telephone first less necessary, “Rubbish“ I hear some think,but I maintain it is all very possible because my experience is the time saving and in depth supervision by one GP of an almost totally “known” population really does yield the time and space to let us cope,grow and even thrive. Most complex illnesses become less stressful as you have been with them through it all and know them almost as well as they do. Your previous consultation laid out the actions you would do if they returned. Ten minutes often plenty bar the first new complex illness, no more long history taking by talented GPs who have little knowledge of the patient multiplied a thousand times a year .Less mental stress and clinician anxiety. Add in HCSW, social Prescribing and decent mental health services and it become a real pleasure and something even at 58 I don’t wish to give up. Planning 2 days a week till 65. You asked for a solution. There it is. Not meant to be Patronising. Personalised lists where you and only you ,95% of the time have to make the decisions that will affect your workplace tomorrow and next week Is the way ahead. .Claire, please don’t stay away, seek a small practice as you are incredibly valuable. As for me I am planning 2 days a week till 65.