There are some thought-provoking points here. But the reality is that the population size, number of GPs and modern trends (including expectations) means that GPs simply can’t carry on as before. Face-to-face is great, but not efficient or necessary for many patients. Remote consulting is essential to keep up with demand. PCN ARRS funds have resulted in a wide diversity of team members and patients need to get used to a team approach – there are no funds to increase numbers of GPs. The old days weren’t always that great – the author admits he took 6 years off to recover from burn out. It’s true there is now more regulation and scrutiny of care, and that does take time; but the reality is that in the past there was a wide diversity of competence from GPs – some were terrible – and nothing was done. That’s still the case, but they are much more likely to be noticed and offered support. However, the points about taking ownership of patients are well made. Passing the buck is bad for patients, bad for colleagues and bad for efficiency. The trick is to retain the best and necessary parts of personal care, while using the new wider team members and new consultation modes effectively.