David Misselbrook is a retired London GP. He is currently deputy editor of the BJGP.

2020What a year! I will be glad to be rid of it. But first BJGP Life will reflect on what can be learned from this disaster of a year.

Then over the next few days BJGP Life will be looking forwards, not just to a better 2021 but also to a better world. We need to beat Covid, and we doctors can now, we hope, do that. But we also need to beat deeply ingrained racism, health inequalities, hatred and abuse, social injustice and the threat from climate change. Well, we doctors cannot achieve all that ourselves, but doctors can rightly claim to be leaders within our communities.

Any social change always starts with you and I – with us, together.

BJGP Life is always ready to slay a few dragons. If you want to join in then please see how you can contribute.

Happy new year!


Featured photo by David Misselbrook