Mind the Gate on the Way Out

In my early years of practice, I thought the very act of named diagnosis was a victory. As time has progressed ... I have grown to realise that this semantic box does not in itself contain the cure, and sometimes,

5 mins read


I’d imagine that a fair few of my colleagues can relate to the fact that most days, I feel like a walking, talking pie chart, cut up into colour-coded segments. Are we so lost in the political drive to provide access, that

7 mins read

SAS doctors – the solution to the GP workforce crisis?

The growing SAS workforce, and the stalling growth of the GP workforce, combined with warnings of a mass exodus from the profession, has clearly got people thinking.  The GMC report suggests that the solutioninvolves shifting the SAS workforce into general practice.

9 mins read

Dietary therapies in irritable bowel syndrome: an update

As IBS is a chronic condition, many patients will re-present to healthcare services. Here, specialist gastroenterology dietitian's Christian Shaw and Rachel Buckle give an overview of the latest data on dietary therapies, describe findings from their own recent research on

9 mins read
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