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Hong Kong, COVID-19 and the role of GPs

Professor Donald Li, President of WONCA and a GP in Hong Kong, talks about the current situation in Hong Kong and the challenges ahead. There have been almost no new cases, excluding imported disease, in recent weeks but 14 day...

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Australia’s response to COVID-19

Professor Michael Kidd is a GP and Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Australia. He talks about their response to COVID-19 including the early decision to close their border and lockdown. They have tested a million people (4% of the population) and the number of COVID cases and deaths have remained very low.

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Update on smoking, asthma and COVID-19

Dr Nick Hopkinson is a respiratory physician from the Royal Brompton, London, and Medical Director of ASH and he joins Domhnall to talk about COVID-19 and smoking. The research suggests smokers are more likely to get symptoms and die due to COVID-19. He also talks about asthma and passive smoking.

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Dealing with COVID-19 in US family medicine

Mark Cucuzzella is Professor of Family Medicine in West Virginia where African-Americans are being disproportionately affected by COVID-19. Mark talks about this work in the hospital and he is mindful of the need to keep “humanity and personal relationships” in clinical contacts.

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An appreciation of Michael Boland

Michael Boland, who has died age 71 from Alzheimer’s disease, played a leading role in the Royal College of General Practitioners, the Irish College of General Practitioners and the World Organisation of Family Doctors (WONCA).

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The Future of Medicine

The Changing Face of Medicine project is gathering momentum. As President of the BMA, Professor Pali Hungin launched a project to look into the impact of fast moving technological advances, the shifting role of the doctor, the adequacy of medical education, the nature of public and patient expectations of clinicians, the need for visionary medical leadership, and the well-being of clinicians themselves.

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Why do you want to be a GP? The one question we don’t ask

The first question to practise before a job interview; the one we all know will make an appearance…right? Well, not if you’ve chosen to pursue a career in general practice. Whilst my colleagues were preparing evidence of their accomplishments and practising expected questions, I was revising for the entrance exam and practising OSCE based scenarios. So why is the entry to GP training so different, and what does that mean for the specialty?

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