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Targeting treatment for depression with Target-D

Professor Jane Gunn discusses research into a self-administered tool for depression. This RCT showed that ‘Target-D’, a person-centred clinical prediction tool and e-health platform matching management options to prognosis, results in greater improvement in depressive symptoms at 3 months than usual care.

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Every contact leaves a trace

In consultations there is an emotional “exchange” between the doctor and the patient. Usually the patient comes to see us in a state of anxiety, ill health, sometimes frustration and anger and then projects this onto the GP. The GP will then have to “absorb” these negative feelings. David Mummery reflects on how every consultation leaves a trace.


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Why GPs need to be involved in mental health research

We all know that research is not for "normal GPs" - we are all too busy. But are we right? Beatrice Shelley and colleagues say that being a practising GP and an active researcher are not as incompatible as one may think – a growing number of GPs are conducting research, and in so doing, they will be influencing clinical practice and guiding health policy.

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Book review: Saving Social Care by Neil Eastwood

The government has just announced a health and social care levy which is expected to raise £14bn a year. Of this, £1.8bn a year will go to social care. But will money alone fix the problems? Helen Burns reviews Saving Social Care by Neil Eastwood, and helps us to understand the issues involved.

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