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Home visits for vulnerable older people: journeys to the ‘Far End’

Health care has seen a seismic shift to the utilisation of telehealth. Through the use of this technology many practices have seen a significant reduction in home visits, an acceleration of existing trends. However, at the boundaries of such acceleration we find older patients, people at the ‘Far End’.




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End-of-life care during COVID-19: The central role of primary care must not be overlooked

It has been well reported that those in the community and end-of-life care have been hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, but little attention has been given to GPs and district nurses working in end-of-life care and the positive stories they have to tell. Sarah Mitchell and colleagues provide positive stories from their own qualitative research, and invite others to tell theirs too.

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Moonshot or shot in the dark?

Boris Johnson announced plans to carry out up to 10 million tests in a day to allow people who are negative to be able to continue with their life as normal. This “moonshot” is planned to be financed to the tune of a £100 billion. Samar Razaq has some reservations…..

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Continuity of care

Dr Mairead Murphy and Prof Chris Salisbury talk about continuity of care. It is already known that relational continuity of care (seeing the same GP over time) is valued by patients with long-term conditions. This qualitative study identifies that patients believe that relational continuity facilitates having a GP who knows their history, gives consistent advice, takes responsibility and action, and trusts and respects them.

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How to ‘green’ up your primary care practice

Aarti Bansal is a GP in Sheffield and the founder of Greener Practice. She talks about greener lower carbon prescribing, reducing waste, and improving clinical outcomes. She also considers how we can reduce travel for patients and other practical actions practices can take.

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Gut feelings in GPs and cancer diagnosis

Claire Friedemann Smith explains the findings of a systematic review that suggests GPs’ gut feelings may have a role in cancer diagnosis. The studies, which used varied conceptualisations of ‘gut feelings’, showed associations with patients initially being unwell rather than with a suspicion of cancer.

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Are we safer cycling?

We know that cycling makes for a healthier commute for all, but GPs need evidence to help them allay patient’s concerns if we are to incorporate active travel into our standard health promotion toolkit. Bethan Jones gives us the evidence.

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Embracing Change: Reflections from a newly qualified GP

For a patient, time with their GP is everything; time to explain, connect, and trust. For the GP, time is just as essential. Not only for improved patient care, but for reflection on the enormous and constant changes to the profession. In this article, Deirdre Walsh reflects on organisational change, and how they can often seem redundant without time to understand the motives behind them.


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Lessons in Adversity

Doctors are not strangers to adversity, both in the lives of our patients and sometimes in our own. Judith Dawson examins two inspirational accounts to tell us how we can practically help.


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