Some nebulous medical imagery

5 mins read

Have you ever looked at a cloud and seen the likeness of a cartoon character? This phenomenon is known as pareidolia. Laura Amarin and Camille Gajria tell us about pareidolia in medicine.

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Stop talking about resilience

How many times a day are we hearing the ‘R’ word in our lives? The request of healthcare staff to be r*******t at a time when primary care is assaulted daily by the British media and those in power is

6 mins read

I had compassion fatigue

Hannah Milton shares her experience of compassion fatigue following being both a mum and a GP at the same time. She shares how she not only recovered, but how her recovery has left her now better able to empathise with patients.

6 mins read

Goal-oriented case presentation for GP trainee education

Case presentations based on a problem-oriented system can function as a medium through which medical students gain a disease-focused viewpoint. Koki Kato and Junichiro Miyachi suggest that to change our viewpoint we should change our language.

5 mins read

A multifactorial approach to improve immunity

The immune-system is complex and is interconnected with the central nervous and endocrine systems. Regina Ford discusses a wide range of scientific research that looks at diet, supplements, exercise, sleep quality and stress/mental health, to give us a holistic overview

21 mins read

Long COVID – supporting people through the quagmire

"Long Covid" presents as a constellation of symptoms that are debilitating, persistent and unexplained, often limiting patients' day-to-day activities. David Thompson and his colleagues describe a novel approach - the Optimal Health Programme - which they are now trialing for

7 mins read

Freedom Day? Living with Covid

Boris Johnson tells us we have to “learn to live with Covid”. There is much talk of using “common sense” but Peter Toon reminds us this is not all that common and discusses some of the issues involved.

5 mins read

Two epidemics revisited

Why does France seem to be so much better at protecting its population than the UK? Peter Toon reflects on his experience, and advises the Government to put some cheese as well as eggs in its basket.

9 mins read

Join or die

John Frey updates us on the state of family medicine in the US as doctors have reacted to the Covid pandemic. A lot of it sounds familiar..........

8 mins read

Cum vita caritas: a new lease of life

Amar Rughani reflects on the opportunities offered by retirement. A lifetime of service to the community has shaped who we are, so this is an opportunity to embrace that. The life to come could be the best yet.

10 mins read

OSCEs and racism: reflections from two medical students

Two final year medical students share their experience of OSCEs, where they and their BME peers experienced differences in patient feedback and in general OSCE marks between themselves and their white counterparts. They make a plea for structural changes that will ensure fairness for all.

7 mins read

Call for articles: General Practice after Covid-19

BJGP Life is putting out a call for articles on the theme of “General Practice after Covid-19“. We will be accepting articles on this theme over the rest of this month. It is time to build our future. We, and your colleagues, are waiting

2 mins read
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