Mind the gate on the way out

In my early years of practice, I thought the very act of named diagnosis was a victory. As time has progressed ... I have grown to realise that this semantic box does not in itself contain the cure, and sometimes, can contain

5 mins read

Papering over the cracks

"On my clinical days, I focus on the micro-level of health care. Thinking about the macro-level of things, including the politics of it all, tends to send my heart rate up when I am in the thick of clinical practice. Am I

7 mins read

Dietary therapies in irritable bowel syndrome: an update

As IBS is a chronic condition, many patients will re-present to healthcare services. Here, specialist gastroenterology dietitian's Christian Shaw and Rachel Buckle give an overview of the latest data on dietary therapies, describe findings from their own recent research on

9 mins read
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