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I don’t want to be a call centre GP!

Remote, quick, impersonal, call centre medicine is not general practice. It may work for a subset of patient queries, for minor ailments, but for the rest, understanding the patient’s needs, perspectives and priorities as well as the context in which they live is fundamental for providing safe, person-centred care.

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COVID-19: The improving situation

Professor Azeem Majeed from Imperial College in London talks through the current situation. New infections are much reduced and he discusses the track and trace programme that is now working, though not as well as we might like. Everyday practice is not back to normal just yet.

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COVID-19 and racism in the USA

Prof Bill Phillips discusses the two crises in USA, COVID-19 and racism, and the role of family doctors. In Seattle, around 7000 doctors and nurses demonstrated peacefully as part of the White Coats for Black Lives movement.

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Grabbing the digital innovation bingo ticket in 2020

When reading articles on digital innovation in the NHS audiences (and editors!) are finding that they need to update their editorial bingo ticket. Classics like culture change, interoperability or costs remain. But any self-respecting writer must now include something on how the NHS response to the COVID-19 pandemic has provided a greater impetus for digital transformation in primary care. And if you’re looking for a full house there should be some reference to the vital ways that general practice nurses (GPNs) are leading on digital transformation. A digital champion in a practice can help cultivate a permissive environment through use of patient and public involvement and engaging senior stakeholders. GPN digital champions recognise that digital delivery augments rather than replaces traditional approaches. And buy-in from stakeholders empowers GPNs, helping to build confidence and therefore momentum for change.

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BLM, population health and policing

The effect of being stopped and searched by the police can be psychologically traumatic and leave one feeling scared, powerless and humiliated. I thought about my patients. A lot of patients I look after are black and I wondered about how negative interactions with police could affect their psychological health and wellbeing.

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In Appreciation

An appreciation of Michael Boland

Michael Boland, who has died age 71 from Alzheimer’s disease, played a leading role in the Royal College of General Practitioners, the Irish College of General Practitioners and the World Organisation of Family Doctors (WONCA).

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Contextual safeguarding: what GPs need to know

Contextual safeguarding is a relatively new concept, which is primarily intended for adolescents. Recognising that young people are often exploited and abused outside their family environment, contextual safeguarding focuses on influencing and shaping those areas.


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