At BJGP Life we publish comment and opinion on research and clinical care for the primary care community. It is primarily a platform for debate, discussion, viewpoint and opinion. Please consider contributing and we have more details on this page.

The British Journal of General Practice is an international journal, edited by Dr Euan Lawson, publishing research, debate and analysis, and clinical guidance for family practitioners and primary care researchers worldwide. The journal is sent to over 50,000 clinicians and researchers each month. Full details about the BJGP are available at the main journal website: You can access all the research articles and there are many other editorials, analysis and clinical practice articles as well.

BJGP Open is an international, peer reviewed, open access, online-only journal of primary care, which publishes original research and other articles of importance to primary care clinicians, researchers and teachers worldwide. It is edited by Dr Hajira Dambha-Miller: BJGP Open


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