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Special series: General Practice after Covid-19

BJGP Life put out a call for articles on the theme of “General Practice after Covid-19“. During the rest of April we will be publishing the best of them. These articles advocate many different paths, some mutually contradictory, so do read them and make up your own mind!

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Beyond burnout

Rosie Marshall shares her very personal journey though burnout. She concludes that only through recognising and validating our humanity and our lack of resilience are we likely to seek appropriate support or begin to effectively change underlying systems.

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Never-ending stories

What lies behind the patient who repeats their stories in every consultation? As the story repeats, the clinician can sometimes feel that no ground is being gained. But behind the surface of retelling may lie deep and hidden traumas.

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Presenting with an Ague

Fake news and consipracy theories are nothing new. Stuart Hannabuss introduces us to the seventeenth century physician and cleric Sir Thomas Browne, who was doing his best to debunk them even then.

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Counselling and Trust

Doctors and counsellors may have very different roles, but also a huge overlap of their relationship with their patients or clients. Dr Stuart Hannabuss, an honorary humanist university chaplain, talks us through some of the pitfalls and opportunities.

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