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Should Jean be given the money? a twitterpoll exploration of consent and patient centred care

In Oncology clinics, during Covid-19, patients usually have only one person with them and may be asked to make treatment decisions in a few minutes, often in a corridor. Alistair Appleby makes the case for “enhanced consent” with time, counselling and additional information. All patients deserve treatment that ascertains what is important to them and puts this at the heart of their care.

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COVID-19 and the outstanding burden of undiagnosed cancer

During the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK was a dramatic reduction in both the number of Two Week Wait referrals being made by general practitioners, and the number of patients being diagnosed with and treated for cancer. The return now to baseline of the 2WW referral and new cancer diagnosis rates suggests the imminent arrival of an influx of undiagnosed cancer into the health service.

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