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Every contact leaves a trace

In consultations there is an emotional “exchange” between the doctor and the patient. Usually the patient comes to see us in a state of anxiety, ill health, sometimes frustration and anger and then projects this onto the GP. The GP will then have to “absorb” these negative feelings. David Mummery reflects on how every consultation leaves a trace.

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Those Who Can, Teach

Positive experiences on GP placements make undergraduates more likely to pursue GP training later on. Jack Amiry found that GPs who enjoy teaching have numerous opportunities to get involved.

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Football, racism and the NHS

It takes great commitment, responsibility and dedication to save lives at the coal-face of the NHS. Yet we are seeing sharp increases in the abuse, violence and discrimination of our NHS staff. Carter Singh reflects on the way that the Euro 2020 competition has, yet again, highlighted the pervasive racism still present in society.

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A proposal for health and social care

There is a cash crisis in the NHS and Social Care. As there has been for the last decade. Arthur Kaufman suggests that a government issue of Health & Social Care Bonds could raise a substantial amount of finance without imposing further burdens on taxpayers.

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