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A different kind of ‘safety net’ for the new members of our primary care workforce

With COVID-19 forcing a shift to predominantly remote consulting, how do we ensure that physician associates are fully supported in their role in primary care? The Sheffield Physician Associate (PA) Preceptorship scheme may be one way, offering a formalised support package for both the PA and employer. Here, Ria Agarwal and Julie Hoskin provide an overview.

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Why do you want to be a GP? The one question we don’t ask

The first question to practise before a job interview; the one we all know will make an appearance…right?
Well, not if you’ve chosen to pursue a career in general practice. Whilst my colleagues were preparing evidence of their accomplishments and practising expected questions, I was revising for the entrance exam and practising OSCE based scenarios. So why is the entry to GP training so different, and what does that mean for the specialty?

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