How to opt in to get the BJGP print journal

Printed copy of the BJGP with mug of coffeeIf you are a UK member of the Royal College of General Practitioners then you can be sent, if you wish, a print copy of the BJGP each month but you will need to opt in.

There should be an opt-in link in emails sent to you by the College and the BJGP. Those are the easiest to use as they already have some of your details. However, if you don’t have them there is another opt-in route that you can access via this opt-in link.

Some advice on completing this:

1. The email address entered has to be the email you use for your RCGP login.

2. This link has 4 entry fields: email, first name, last name, membership number (email and member number are compulsory fields).

3. The default on this link is ‘Don’t receive paper journal’ so make sure you select ‘Opt in to receive paper journal every month’ to receive the paper print journal.

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