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Listening to connect in the digital consultation

COVID-19 has accelerated the uptake of digital consultations. But rather than focus on form, perhaps our attention should fall to how the content of consultations has changed. Dr Clare Etherington and Dr Liliana Risi explore this in detail and suggest that ‘digital warmth’ should be all practitioners primary aim.

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The dream of universal healthcare in Myanmar becomes a nightmare

Bearing witness, for our colleagues in Myanmar, as so many of us do for our patients, is powerful, but it is not enough. Jim Brockbank tells the story of our colleagues in Myanmar who want us to be their advocates, hear their stories, condemn the violation of medical neutrality, provide remote clinical guidance, especially on trauma medicine and communicate with them safely.

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An infodemic during the Pandemic

The current pandemic has brought with it an “infodemic” of misinformation. A crisis is the time to show resilience, rely on collective wisdom, and refrain from a panic response. As a society we need to create more room for reason and access to the truth. Dr Misbah ul Hauqe and colleagues analyse the problem, and offer practical ways forward.

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