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COVID-19: hard lessons

Cummings is the third senior figure involved in dealing with the pandemic to have broken the rules, and the fallout has added to the litany of incoherent messaging, opaque decision making and fumbling management that has characterised the handling of the crisis. Roger Jones considers the lessons to learn from this catastrophe, particularly about preparedness, honesty and transparency, clarity of information and public health messages, and consistency in their application.

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Treating the pandemic of fear

A day does not go by where I do not speak to patients suffering from anxiety in one form or the other. The untold harm being done to their mental health does not make the daily evening government briefings. Other health phenomena are taking place in the background that receive little to no media attention.

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Recognising the cognitive load of remote consulting

Do you find remote consulting tiring? There is no argument about the current utility of remote consulting but we must recognise that we are thinking differently, and then to ask why and at what cost? We should explicitly recognise the effort in this and take it into account. The cognitive load associated with what we are doing is much higher.

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Covid-19: Learning lessons from the deaths of our colleagues

Many GPs and NHS staff have died from COVID-19. Whether our colleagues contracted the virus at work or whether they were provided with adequate protection in their workplaces is, at present, not known. Without adequate investigations into these deaths, these questions will remain unanswered and lessons will not be learnt to prevent future deaths.

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