Category: Coronavirus

General Practice during COVID-19: an FY2’s Perspective

How do remote consultations work for Foundation trainees in general practice, who suddenly find themselves working in an unfamiliar environment? Emilie Dobler, an FY2, describes the methods of training used during their GP rotation to best prepare them for a future where remote consultations look more and more likely to dominate.

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Reasoning with risk

Why is it that risk is perceived differently by different people? During the COVID-19 pandemic there have been largely conflicting responses, both on an individual and national scale. Samar Razaq explores this question in light of the current pandemic and argues that there will always be a fig tree to grasp in the winter storm ahead.

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End-of-life care during COVID-19: The central role of primary care must not be overlooked

It has been well reported that those in the community and end-of-life care have been hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, but little attention has been given to GPs and district nurses working in end-of-life care and the positive stories they have to tell. Sarah Mitchell and colleagues provide positive stories from their own qualitative research, and invite others to tell theirs too.

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Moonshot or shot in the dark?

Boris Johnson announced plans to carry out up to 10 million tests in a day to allow people who are negative to be able to continue with their life as normal. This “moonshot” is planned to be financed to the tune of a £100 billion. Samar Razaq has some reservations…..

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Brave new world

2020 will be remembered as the year of Covid-19, a global pandemic that has touched the lives of more human beings than any disease in human history. Life around the world began to change.

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