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Are we safer cycling?

We know that cycling makes for a healthier commute for all, but GPs need evidence to help them allay patient’s concerns if we are to incorporate active travel into our standard health promotion toolkit. Bethan Jones gives us the evidence.

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Everybody Hurts Sometimes

30 years ago we were told we were not treating pain adequately. There was a push to give people more analgesia. So, armed with our opioids and gabapentinoids we went and we medicated. But peoples’ pain got worse. Katie Barnett examines what went wrong – and what we can do about it.

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End-of-life care during COVID-19: The central role of primary care must not be overlooked

It has been well reported that those in the community and end-of-life care have been hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, but little attention has been given to GPs and district nurses working in end-of-life care and the positive stories they have to tell. Sarah Mitchell and colleagues provide positive stories from their own qualitative research, and invite others to tell theirs too.

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Lessons in Adversity

Doctors are not strangers to adversity, both in the lives of our patients and sometimes in our own. Judith Dawson examins two inspirational accounts to tell us how we can practically help.

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Green Fingers, Pink Puffers? A speculative view on hypersensitivity pneumonitis and domestic garden waste

Hypersensitivity pneumonitis is a form of interstitial lung disease caused by the repeated exposure and immune sensitisation to organic dusts and certain industrial agents. The circumstances of lockdown may increase the exposure of the public — and waste management workers in particular — to the antigens that trigger the farmer’s lung form of the disease.

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