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COVID-19: The improving situation

Professor Azeem Majeed from Imperial College in London talks through the current situation. New infections are much reduced and he discusses the track and trace programme that is now working, though not as well as we might like. Everyday practice is not back to normal just yet.

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COVID-19 and racism in the USA

Prof Bill Phillips discusses the two crises in USA, COVID-19 and racism, and the role of family doctors. In Seattle, around 7000 doctors and nurses demonstrated peacefully as part of the White Coats for Black Lives movement.

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Here is how New Zealand was so successful with COVID-19

Professor Felicity Goodyear-Smith outlines how New Zealand have done so well. They are a small isolated island nation and didn’t leave it another week. A lot of testing seems to be key. Like everywhere, there were challenges in general practice with dramatic drops in patient volume and therefore income.

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Workload in general practice in Ireland

Dr Brendan Crosbie talks about his real time data workload survey in Ireland. He found that GPs worked 9.9 hours per day on average and one-third of that time is on non-clinical work. One in 10 GPs work until after 10pm in routine work before any out of hours work is done.

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Predicting hospitalisation in the homeless

Catherine Himsworth discusses the findings of her research in people who are homeless. The trimorbidity of homelessness – chronic disease, mental health problems, and substance misuse –increased fourfold the risk of unplanned hospital admissions.

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