Episode 165 – Perspectives from patients and GPs on how to provide better care for young people with ADHD


In this episode, we talk to Becky Gudka, a Graduate Research Assistant based at the University of Exeter.  We’re also joined by her senior co-author and the study lead, Dr Anna Price, a Senior Research Fellow also at the University of Exeter, who planned and designed the project alongside a multi-disciplinary team of professionals.  The research team also want to acknowledge the input from their research advisory groups of healthcare professionals and people with lived experience of ADHD, as well as their study partners, UKAAN and the ADHD Foundation.

Title of paper: Primary care provision for young people with ADHD: A multi-perspective qualitative study

Available at:

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a highly prevalent neurodevelopmental disorder, with negative consequences for individuals and their communities. Research indicates a current “failure of healthcare” for people with ADHD in England, but previous recommendations to improve support for ADHD in primary care lack feasible and practical recommendations for health professionals. This study highlights individual-, practice- and system-level barriers to accessing support for ADHD via primary care and provides suggestions for how to overcome these barriers from the perspectives of multiple stakeholders. Health professionals and people with lived experience provided data which points to the standardisation of ADHD provision, providing additional information and support for clinicians, and better utilisation of reasonable adjustments for patients with ADHD in general practice.

For more information on this topic, the authors have provided these links:



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