Episode 172 – Anal incontinence after childbirth: how to support women in general practice

In this episode, we talk to Dr Abi Eccles, Assistant Professor within Warwick Applied Health at Warwick Medical School.

Title of paper: The GP’s role in supporting women with anal incontinence after childbirth injury

Available at:

Anal incontinence after childbirth injury has profound impacts on women’s lives and many find they cannot access healthcare and support. GPs can play a crucial role, but we know that very few women speak to their GPs about their symptoms. In combining GPs’ and women’s views, we show how anal incontinence after childbirth injury is often missed in a primary care setting. Drawing on these findings, we highlight the key ways GPs can provide support for such women.

Click here for the RCGP course on anal incontinence after childbirth.

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