How to develop creativity in thinking and discover new things

Aliana Sharma: ‘Be yourself. Be creative. Don’t think about others thinking.’

Creativity is the process of doing something unique and creative.


How to develop creativity in thinking

1. Travel
Travelling expands the boundaries of consciousness. Even trips in your region and in your country show you how different people are, how different cultures are. And this experience helps you find creative solutions. After all, you can apply the information received while traveling in your work, when talking with friends, when meeting new people. We never know when exactly this or that information will be useful to us. In addition, travel helps to leave our problems at home, in the office, on your desktop and completely free your mind for the something new that you can only get on the road.

Try to work on your personality also. Change can help you with this. To identify your personality or to find the same personality as your own, there are personality generators available, ( which can help you learn more.

Completely free your mind for … something new.

2. See things through the eyes of others
Try to doubt that you are always right and look at situations through the eyes of other people, for example, through the eyes of a child riding a bike downhill in the park, through the eyes of a woman who has just been offered a marriage proposal, through the eyes of a passer-by who is talking on the phone, through the eyes of a colleague, a friend’s wife, your spouse’s mother. This ability to look at the world through the eyes of others will help you appreciate completely different points of view when solving your problems.

3. Learn a foreign language
When you study a foreign language, along with the language you absorb a new culture, a different way of thinking, and the traditions and way of life of people who speak this language. Your world is getting wider. Remember, as the philosopher Zeno said, the larger the area of ​​knowledge, the larger the area of ​​ignorance. So, a foreign language helps to expand your boundaries of thinking. Give it a try.

4. Go outside the box
It is true that when you do something atypical and try something new, you begin to look differently at once-familiar things. It is as if you become bigger, stronger and more confident because you have gained a new experience. There is nothing more valuable than acquired practical experience in any matter, both professional and personal.

5. Create a creative environment
When we talk about the environment, we mean not only communicating with creative people, but also where everyone can share their experiences, their ideas, and projects. The environment can mean making a simple trip to a shop with creative and cosy items. Buy beautiful and interesting things for your home since what surrounds you influences your whole personality. Beautiful things also help you distance yourself from your problems and look at situations more optimistically.

6. Breathe fresh air
Be outdoors more. Yes, this is simple and elementary advice, but if you want to become creative, then fresh air is simply a must-have for you. Can’t write an article? Forward to fresh air! Need to come up with an idea to scale a project? Go for a walk and unwind your head in the fresh air.  Have a walk around the park, and you will find that the answer and the solution comes to you all on its own.

Have a walk around the park, and you will find … the answer.

7. Change your location
A change of scene can often help you find a way out of a stuck situation and afford you the strength for new discoveries.

8. Communicate with children
Being creative doesn’t always mean finding solutions to problems in earth-shattering ways. Sometimes a complex problem can be solved in a simple way, which for some reason others haven’t thought of. And you can learn this from children. Therefore, communicate with children more often, ask them questions, and learn to think in the same crystal clear and simple way.

9. Take a break
Remember to take a break from the creative process or from work. Go to the kitchen and cook dinner, leave your home, or leave the office. Just free your head.

10. Read
Reading helps in the development of creativity, in the development of quick thinking. Your vocabulary grows with reading and you learn to resolve issues through negotiations. And your tool in these matter is your language, your speech — so read on!

11. Observe people in the cafe
People are all different, everyone has their own experiences, their own way of behaving, conversing, and solving problems. Observing other people, their behaviour and their speech will help you perceive situations from a different angle and become more creative.

People are all different …. Observing other people …. will help you perceive situations from a different angle and become more creative.

12. Observe the work of others
You can learn a lot from other people’s work. Project their ways of working onto your niche, task, work, and you will find an interesting solution.

13. Visit an exhibition with a child
It need not be an exhibition of fine art, but an exhibition of marine life or rare animals, of butterflies, or an exhibition of dinosaurs. What will it give you? You will experience completely different emotions with a child than going alone. You must admit that you have seen a lot in your adult life and there is practically nothing new to surprise you, but when you enlighten a child by telling them what you already knew, you look at things from a new angle, you see everything through the eyes of a child. It gives inspiration and teaches you to be more creative.

14. Do something with your hands
Work in the garden, plant flowers in pots, dig up the ground, weave a bracelet, make a postcard or a photo album, sew a doll. When you work with your hands it forces your brain to take a break from routine tasks.


Image by Pascal Habermann on Unsplash

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