Many patients have been forced to congregate online in the prescribed dependent and harmed community to seek help and support from each other as they try to withdraw from drugs of dependence (antidepressants and benzodiazepines). Many have stopped trying to engage with prescribing doctors other than to collect a prescription. Some do not even tell their prescribing doctor that they have to taper at an extremely slow rate because they cannot cope with the horrendous symptoms of trying to taper any faster. We have formed a campaign group and have submitted petitions to the Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliament. We have liaised with the BMA and welcome the Public Health England year long review, only recently announced. We are alarmed at the ever-increasing rates of antidepressant prescribing and the inadequate research base for the NICE tapering guidelines. We were dismayed by the recent widespread media coverage of the Lancet meta-analysis of antidepressants by Prof Pariante and colleagues. suggesting one million more patients should be taking these drugs. This on the basis that antidepressants have now been shown to be somewhat effective over 8 weeks for major depressive disorder, a finding that is not new. Many of us are extremely sick, I am housebound and disabled and spend much of my time in bed due to drug withdrawal. Dr Des Spence has been the only GP so far to publicly support our Scottish petition. We are extremely grateful to him for this. The question I have is why are sick and disabled patients having to do this at all? Why are our politicians and indeed practising doctors not standing alongside us as we seek a better way of dealing with the social and economic problems of our day? Johann Hari, Glaswegian born, has written a very important book. Sadly I cannot read it due to brain damage and cognitive impairment. Profs Wendy Burn and David Baldwin, RCPsych wrote in the Times on 24 February that antidepressant withdrawal symptoms resolve in two weeks, this is completely untrue. Campaigners asked for the evidence supporting this claim, they were sent two research papers which comprised only short term studies. Patients are being left in dreadful states of ill-health due to drugs of dependence and this must be something that every GP in the country is acutely aware of. Something needs to change and it needs to change very soon.