I enjoyed your thoughtful and thought-provoking article Peter. You speak of “the demand to behave in ways that are imposed on us by government, pharmaceutical companies and society as a whole”. There is another, powerful “demand” that you do not mention – the demand to conform to medical ideology. The medical profession – of which we both are members – is a powerful brotherhood, one that expects compliance from its members, and can quickly resort to punishing those that would dare speak out in ways that might be construed as against the overriding will and ideology of the medical profession. This brotherhood also reacts strongly to members of the public whose words might – often unintentionally – threaten the dominant position of the medical brotherhood. You mention Johann Hari. A leading psychiatrist wrote in a mainstream UK newspaper that Johann Hari was just plain “wrong”; and another psychiatrist referring to him as having “no empathy”. In the public interest, this medical brotherhood and its errant ideology in relation to mental health much be seriously challenged, regardless of the reality that those who challenge can expect a backlash, as I understand the other person you mention in your article – courageous GP Des Spence – has himself experienced.