A video to help patients get the most out of 10 minutes

Ed Schwarz has just completed his GP training as an educational scholar in Cornwall and is now a GP in Penzance.

Fed up of running late? Another patient cancelled last minute? Need to examine someone wearing 12 layers?

If we are honest, there are some things that patients do that can add extra time to your consultation. Did you know many patients are not aware their consultation is just 10 minutes? Although there are discussions in place about extending the 10 minute consultation, currently demand means for many practices this is not achievable.

This free video is available for all practices to use on their websites or in their waiting rooms and aims to educate patients about the 10 minute consultation and how to get the most of it. They work well without sound.

It was created as part of a QI project during my Educational Scholar role as an ST3 with finding via HEE. Use this link to download from the video. Or you can simply embed the YouTube video above.

Featured photo by Malvestida Magazine on Unsplash

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