In this episode we talk to Dr Daniel Stow about research into end-of-life recognition in older people. Daniel is a Research Associate at the Population and Health Sciences Institute, Newcastle University. He is funded by the School of Primary Care Research postdoctoral launching fellowship.

Research title: Timing of GP end-of-life recognition in people aged ≥75 years: retrospective cohort study using data from primary healthcare records in England

Read the paper:

Identification of end of life can be challenging for clinicians, particularly in older people living with frailty. In this study, fewer than half of people aged ≥75 years who died had a code in their electronic health record (EHR) to suggest that their death was anticipated by their GP. End-of-life codes in EHRs were entered near to death (median 4 months prior). In the minority of older decedents (aged ≥75 years) for whom end of life was recognised, only a small proportion were on the palliative care register or had their preferences for place of care or death recorded.