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Video consultations: a guide for practice

Many practices are now using or considering using alternatives to face-to-face consultations because of concerns about Covid-19. Important new information and guidance is now available to support video consultations. Produced by researchers at the University of Oxford, the document covers five key topics. When are video consultations appropriate, how can a practice get ready for them, how can clinicians conduct high-quality video consultations, what can patients do to prepare for and take part in them, and what is the research evidence for their quality and safety?

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My first year as a GP physician associate

When I first qualified as a physician associate (PA), I had no intention to work in general practice, at least until later in my career. I was unsure of the impact a PA could have in a GP setting prior to the much anticipated statutory regulation and associated prescribing rights. Having a physician associate within the practice has meant greater accessibility to appointments, less pressure on the on-call doctor, and improved prescribing rates in certain areas.

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