Author: BJGP Life

General Practice during COVID-19: an FY2’s Perspective

How do remote consultations work for Foundation trainees in general practice, who suddenly find themselves working in an unfamiliar environment? Emilie Dobler, an FY2, describes the methods of training used during their GP rotation to best prepare them for a future where remote consultations look more and more likely to dominate.

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NEWSflash – shorter than NEWS 2 with just the headlines

COVID has taught us just how much care can be delivered over the telephone and video link. But what of patient safety, particularly for the frail elderly and patients with dementia in care homes? John Havard describes a useful new tool that may contribute significantly to patient safety.

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Book Review: Blinded by Covid

Martin Edwards and Anjna Harrar review this polemical but important book. It is devastatingly critical of the government, its advisors and Public Health England in its analysis of the early months of the COVID-19 crisis in Britain.

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