Author: BJGP Life

Asking about suicide and self harm: moving beyond clinician discomfort

“I ask them – but I’m not asking them in a way that invites a ‘yes'” – It can be difficult to broach the subject of self-harm or suicidal thoughts during a consultation. After altering her practice since reading Ford et al’s recent study on clinician discomfort, Dr Claire Norman, GPST3, reflects on the real-life consequences of reframing those difficult questions.

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Medical school preparation courses promote equality of opportunity

Getting a place in medical school should be a matter of meritocracy. One’s socioeconomic background or personal connections should not affect it; there should be a level playing field. But how do we achieve this? Ishaq Miah, Farzeen Mahmood, Mahin Amir, Sagal Miré and Juwairiya Rehman, all 4th Year Medical Students from King’s, discuss the issues involved.

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