What a brilliantly written article. Comprehensively details why GP is failing and will likely not exist, at least in its current format, in the next 10-15 years. GP is the Walmart of medicine, pile them in, stack them high – all you can fit, anything and everything in a 10min appt. It is popular with politicians as they need cheap medicine by GPs to subsidise the expensive specialists and keep the tax payers happy with lower tax rates.

Unfortunately the real world is not like the Dr Who Tardis and time does not expand. GPs are human and to remain humane, we need to self care to avoid burnout. For some it will be time to boundary patients, for others it will be time to cut back on sessions and and for many it is time to look for alternative careers. I used to look at GPs as a child in the 1980s with deep respect and awe, they had status and commanded respect from their peers. These times no longer exist. Now each day is a battle for many if not most. I left the NHS year ago and will not return, I wish those of you who remain the best.