Episode 118: How can GPs better manage breathlessness symptoms and what is the impact of diagnostic delays?

In this episode, we talk to Gillian Doe and Rachael Evans, both based at the University of Leicester.

Title of paper: Diagnostic delays for breathlessness in primary care: a qualitative study to investigate current care and inform future pathways

Available at:

Delays to diagnosis for patients presenting with chronic breathlessness are well described. This study set out to investigate current care for patients awaiting a diagnosis to inform future diagnostic pathways. The data highlight the challenges of symptom recognition, timely investigations, making a positive diagnosis, and difficult consultations. To achieve earlier diagnosis and better outcomes for patients with breathlessness, clinicians need to Ask, Act, and Advise: Ask to understand and validate symptoms, Act to initiate timely investigations, and Advise a positive diagnosis while offering breathlessness relief strategies.

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