Just one more thing (A short poem By Dr. P. Doff.)

Rebecca Hollington is a GP in the Brighton and Hove area

There’s no appointments, and I’ve waited weeks,
To show you my piles, and rash on my cheeks,
I’ve also had chest pains, for the last year,
And there’s just one more thing, now that I’m here!

Whenever I call, I’m last in the queue,
How long does it take, to get hold of you?
The wait at reception, fills me with fear,
So I’ll check two more things, now that I’m here!

My care’s important! I know it can’t wait,
Google has told me, I’ll die at this rate!
It’s my drippy nose, it’s getting severe!
And I’ll ask three more things, now that I’m here!

Why haven’t you done, the forms that I asked?
You’ve had a full day, for one tiny task!
I need this done now, at once! Be a dear!
And I’ve got four more things, now that I’m here!

I want a referral! 2 years sounds wrong?
Say it’s got worse, so I won’t wait as long!
Then follow it up, you must persevere!
And I’ve five extra things, now that I’m here!

My doctor has left? Now who will I see?
What on earth’s going, to happen to me?
I can’t understand? Why they’d disappear?
It’s not like it’s hard, to see patients here!


Featured photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash

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Samar Razaq
Samar Razaq
1 year ago


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