BJGP Life: call for summer articles

David Misselbrook is the Deputy Editor of the BJGP.

It’s the last week of July. How did that happen? And what a year so far!

I hope some of us, like myself, will be able to take some sort of holiday over the summer, even if a staycation or just the backlog of DIY. Some clearly will not, and we are all impacted by the relentless pressure within the NHS.

I hope you might get some chance to reflect over the next few weeks. If your thoughts might interest your colleagues then why not share them, via BJGP Life? BJGP Life is akin to a coffee room discussion between interested colleagues, with a narrative house style. We are always looking out for:

Why not share your thoughts via BJGP Life?

  • Opinion pieces
  • Medical or research news
  • International perspectives
  • Novel takes on clinical situations
  • Long reads, covering an issue that matters to you, in greater depth
  • Book reviews
  • Arts / film / TV reviews
  • And yes, there may still be new things to say about the Covid pandemic.

A selection of opinion pieces from BJGP Life are subsequently published in the BJGP itself under “Life and Times”, and thence indexed on PubMed etc., however we cannot guarantee that any given piece would be selected.

If you want to submit an article you are welcome to send us a pitch first via  Or you are welcome to just submit your article via

Standard length articles (up to 700 words) should normally have no more than 6 references. Long Read articles (up to 2,000 words) which deal with issues in greater depth should normally have no more than 10 references.

We look forward to hearing from you – as ever.


Featured photo by Aleksandr Eremin on Unsplash

The BJGP is the world-leading primary care journal. At BJGP Life we add multi-media comment and opinion for the primary care community.

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