Episode 018: Highlights from the February 2021 issue of the BJGP


In this episode I am joined by two of our Associate Editors, Nada Khan and Tom Round, for some conversation. The February issue has just been published and we talk over some of the highlights in this month’s issue.


EDITORIAL: COVID-19 vaccination programme: a central role for primary care

EDITORIAL: Long COVID and the importance of the doctor–patient relationship

EDITORIAL: Integrating primary care across the prison and community interface

RESEARCH: Identifying patients at risk of psychosis: a qualitative study of GP views in South West England

LIFE & TIMES: The MRCGP Recorded Consultation Assessment: time to drop 10 minutes as standard?

LIFE & TIMES: The trolley problem, 2021 style

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Book mentioned: On Immunity by Eula Bliss


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