Episode 047: Recommendations for the recognition and management of long Covid

In this episode we talk to Professor Brendan C Delaney who is a GP partner and Chair in Medical Informatics and Decision Making at Imperial College London.

Paper: Recommendations for the recognition, diagnosis, and management of long Covid: A Delphi study

There is an urgent need to devise clinical pathways and guidance for long Covid (thought to affect 10% of those diagnosed with Covid-19). In the absence of conclusive research to inform clinical practice, “expert physician-patients” (i.e., doctors with long Covid and those involved in nascent clinics) are a source of professional expertise. Using robust consensus methodology, we derived 35 clear and practical recommendations to assist in the organisation of clinics, and the diagnosis and management of patients with long Covid. Medically-led multidisciplinary clinics are required as serious cardiovascular, neurocognitive, respiratory and immune sequelae such as can present with only non-specific symptoms.

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