Episode 090: Opportunities for earlier diagnosis of psoriasis in general practice

In this episode, we talk to Maha Abo-Tabik, a doctoral research student at the Global Psoriasis Atlas who is based at the University of Manchester.

Paper: Mapping opportunities for the earlier diagnosis of psoriasis in primary care settings in the UK

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Many people suffer needlessly from psoriasis due to missed or delayed diagnosis. Primary care professionals are most often the first point of contact for people with psoriasis. The diagnosis of psoriasis can be a challenging task for non-dermatologists. Examining electronic health records from general practices showed that the diagnosis of psoriasis may be missed or delayed. People with undiagnosed psoriasis (missed or delayed diagnosis) have an increased frequency of GP consultations from five years before their diagnosis of psoriasis is confirmed. Individuals with psoriasis are often prescribed topical corticosteroids and/or topical antifungal medications before being diagnosed with psoriasis. These medications may mask the signs of psoriasis.

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