Episode 093: Survivorship care for colorectal cancer and pathways for GP led follow up

In this episode, we talk to Julien Vos, who is a doctoral student and clinician based at the Department of General Practice at the University of Amsterdam. We’re going to discuss his paper about survivorship care for colorectal cancer and patients experiences of GP-led care in the Netherlands.

Paper: Patients’ experiences with general practitioner-led colon cancer survivorship care; a mixed-methods evaluation at various time points

Available at:

Cancer survivorship care is often complex and requires a multi-dimensional approach. Patients receiving colon cancer survivorship care from either the GP or surgeon rate the received care as of high quality. Roles and responsibilities of patients and physicians need to be clear in order to help organize survivorship care. GPs can take on a more prominent role in cancer survivorship care, but other outcomes, including patients’ and physicians’ preferences, will also be important.

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