Episode 136: Hearing the voice of primary care – what are women’s health needs in practice?

In this episode, we talk to Dr Francine Toye and Dr Sharon Dixon, both working at Oxford on this project.

Paper: Understanding primary care perspectives on supporting women’s health needs: a qualitative study

Available at:

The Women’s Health Strategy for England highlighted a need to understand and develop how general practice can support women’s health needs. This study’s aim was to hear the voices of primary care practitioners with experience of delivering services, and to further understand what works well to provide quality care. Relationships and advocacy are at the core of general practice and women’s health, and this study highlights threats to these core values and skills. Care is needed when evolving services to ensure that relationship-based longitudinal knowledge of individuals, families, and communities is not devalued, as this is integral to high- quality health and social care.

Here’s the link to the previous podcast I mention here by the same team:

Episode 117: How can we improve our care for ethnic minority women through the menopause?

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