Episode 142: Moral distress in family physicians – the impact of societal inequities on doctors

In this episode, we talk to Dr Monica Molinaro, who is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Health Sciences Education at McGill University in Canada.

Title of paper: You’re doing everything you possibly could do, and you know it’s not enough”: Family physician narratives of moral distress

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The moral distress of physicians who cannot provide adequate care due to systemic deficits is seldom heard in contemporary discussions about health care access and quality. Family physician stories of moral distress in relation to structural and systemic factors such as racism, colonialism, and drug, mental health, and housing policy, generate seemingly novel and vital understandings of the clinical work of primary care providers. The study findings are some of the first to illustrate family physicians’ experiences of moral distress, contributing to the limited body of literature on moral distress in primary care.

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