Ode to my GP colleagues

Hannah Weston-Simons is a salaried GP in East Grinstead and enjoys a bit of amateur poetry

We set out every morning with unfailing dedication
To help address the problems of our patient population
We hope to ease their worries with our clear communication
As we offer them remote or else in person consultation

Our patients may attend with almost any presentation,
As they come from every walk of life and every generation,
From problems with their breathing, or perhaps with circulation
To a run of frequent headaches or delayed ejaculation.

Some might be consulting as they need an operation,
Whilst others find they’re suffering from social isolation.
Some require assessment for their poor co-ordination,
Whilst others need a timely contraception conversation.

They may need to come in to have a quick examination
Or they might require review of all their recent medication.
The balancing of many drugs requires deliberation
But we hope to land upon the most effective combination

Sometimes we do battle against rife misinformation
And I’m sure we all have moments where we feel exasperation,
But we’re hoping with our patients to have strong collaboration
And we’re hoping to get through the day and make revalidation.

It isn’t a profession that provides much relaxation
So its members are a hardy lot with true determination
For my lovely GP colleagues I am full of admiration
Their compassion and their courage are a constant inspiration.

Featured image by Tugce Gungormezler on Unsplash

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