We need long term modelling and access to vaccines design and trials.

While the Pfizer vaccine in particular may be safe short term (at least for the time scales involved in the trials so far) we don’t know anything about the longer term profile.

Science can’t be shrouded in secrecy. So far, there is no published data on pertinent questions about possible auto-immunity and hypersensitivity reactions to the vaccine.

My understanding from this article, from Dr. M Yeadon points sent to EMA, and from all I know is that the same Antibodies developed by the body to fight against the Covid spike protein (homologous with Syncythin 1 protein from human placenta) , could very well attack own cells for example placenta, causing either pregnancy or fetal problems or, infertility – when the autoimmunity prevents placenta from developing in the first place.

Then, it’s the question of non – neutralizing antibodies/vs Covid neutralizing antibodies. Such non neutralizing antibodies, if developed in response to the vaccine could potentially cause hypersensitivity immune reactions from type 1 to type 4, with a variety of auto -immune conditions triggered as a result.