Many practices are now using or considering using alternatives to face-to-face consultations because of concerns about Covid-19. Important new information and guidance is now available to support video consultations. Produced by researchers at the University of Oxford, the document covers five key topics. When are video consultations appropriate, how can a practice get ready for them, how can clinicians conduct high-quality video consultations, what can patients do to prepare for and take part in them, and what is the research evidence for their quality and safety?

This document is packed with extremely useful, practical advice and tips to help doctors,other primary care clinicians, and patients navigate these almost uncharted waters at a time of unprecedented challenge for the health service.

The PDF document with the full guidance is available below and can be downloaded

Consultations vidéo: informations pour les médecins en cabinet (French version) can be accessed here.°

Versión en espagñol (Spanish version) can be accessed here.°

Videoconsulten: een praktische handleiding (Dutch version) can be accessed here.°

Consultas por vídeo – um guia prático (Portugese version) can be accessed here.°

It is written by Trisha Greenhalgh, on behalf of the IRIHS research group at the University of Oxford, with input from Clare Morrison of Scottish Government Technology Enabled Care Programme and Professor Gerald Koh Choon Huat from National University of Singapore


COVID-19 creates an unprecedented situation. Many GP practices are considering introducing video consultations as a matter of urgency to reduce risk of contagion.

This preliminary document covers five questions:

  1. When are video consultations appropriate in primary care?
  2. How can a GP practice get set up for video consultations?
  3. How can a clinician conduct a high-quality video consultation in primary care?
  4. How should patients prepare for, and participate in, video consultations?
  5. What is the research evidence for the quality and safety of video consultations?

Video consultations: a guide for practice

Video consultations - a guide for practice


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