Episode 032: The role of GP outreach settings to help people experiencing homelessness

In this episode we speak to Dr Fiona Cuthill who is a Senior Lecturer, School of Health in Social Science, University of Edinburgh.

Paper: An exploration of GP care in outreach settings for people experiencing homelessness: a qualitative study

Although people experiencing homelessness (PEH) have the worst health outcomes in society, they have a low uptake of primary care services. GP outreach has developed as a way of increasing access into primary care but little is known about the experience of patients receiving care in this way. By exploring the experiences of PEH and staff/volunteers working within community outreach settings, this study uncovers the reasons why PEH engage with GPs in a community outreach setting but not a specialist or mainstream GP service. Clearly, physical space and organisational environment are important factors. These findings can help to inform GPs caring for PEH to build an environment which supports the development of stronger doctor-patient relationships within the confines of their current system.

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