Episode 098: Should we prescribe antibiotics to children with uncomplicated chest infections in primary care?

Today, we talk to Professor Paul Little, who is Professor of Primary Care Research within Medicine at the University of Southampton. Paul and his team conducted a study looking at the effectiveness of antibiotics for chest infections in children.

Title of paper: Antibiotic effectiveness for children with lower respiratory infections: prospective cohort and trial

Available at:

Antibiotics are commonly prescribed for children with chest infections, but prescribing antibiotics fuels antibiotic resistance which is one of the major global public health threats. There is little randomised evidence, and trials commonly recruit selected populations which undermines their applicability. In a cohort of unwell children antibiotics for chest infections were not effective in significantly shortening the illness, and increased side effects. GP’s should support parents to self-manage at home and communicate clearly on when and how to seek medical help if they continue to be concerned.

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