Episode 115: The CRISP trial: a decision support tool for colorectal cancer screening

In this episode, we talk to Professor Jon Emery, who is the Herman Chair of Primary Care Cancer Research at the University of Melbourne.

Title of paper: The CRISP Trial: RCT of a decision support tool for risk-stratified colorectal cancer screening


Using risk models that account for family history, lifestyle and medical history could tailor CRC screening and determine starting age and screening test. This could be more cost-effective than population screening. In this RCT, we showed that using the CRISP risk tool in general practice can increase risk-appropriate CRC screening in those due screening. Its effect is more uncertain in patients who are up-to-date with screening. The CRISP intervention could be used in people in their fifth decade to ensure people start CRC screening at the optimal age with the most cost-effective screening test.

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